i just bought a fish tank and was wondering how to set it up?
2006-03-13 18:18:26 UTC
i have never had pet fish before
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2006-03-13 19:11:07 UTC
Ok i work at Petsmart so im used to answering this question. First you want to wash out the tank and the gravel to get rid of all the dust (otherwise the water will be cloudy or harmful to your fish). Then put the gravel in the tank (usually 1-1&1/2 lbs of gravle per gallon). Then fill the tank with tap water. Next make sure you add the correct chemcials that will dechlorinate the water (like Stress Coat) it should say the dosage on the back. Then follow the instructions that came with your filter and get that running. Next plug in your heater (the temp shoud be about 75 degrees F for most tropical freshwater fish). Once you have all the chemicals added and the filter running and the correct temperature, wait at least 3 days before adding fish. Also only buy 4 or 5 fish bc\ if you buy too many you will shock the tank and your ammonia (fish waste) will shoot up and kill your fish. For the First MONTH every week it is recomended that you do a 25% water change. After that you should do a 25% water change every MONTH and whenever you do that replace the filter cartridge.

i think that about covers it but if you have any more questions just email me and ill do my best. you can also find info at if you want to look.

Good Luck and have fun
2006-03-13 18:38:40 UTC
Setting up a fish tank is not as easy as most people think. If certain precautions are not taken while setting up the tank, the fish could die shortly after being placed into the tank. The process begins by going to a local pet store and buying the appropriate supplies. The most common types of material used for tanks in the United States are glass and plexiglass. Both of these materials appear to work well for keeping aquarium fish. Glass tanks are advantageous because they are widely available at a relativity low cost. Plexiglass tanks are less likely to leak than glass tanks. A few of the drawbacks of a plexiglass tank include a higher cost than glass tanks and a vulnerability to scratches. Whatever tank is chosen, be sure that a cover is included. The cover will reduce evaporation and lessen the chances of a fish jumping out. Other necessary supplies for setting up a fish tank are as follows: a light, a timer for the light, a stand for the tank, pebbles, aquatic plants, an appropriate sized charcoal filter for the tank, pH neutralizer powder, a thermometer, pH testing equipment, aquarium conditioner, and distilled water. Other possible

The rule of thumb is usually 1 fish per gallon of water the fish tank is.

Wait about 1 week after you have the fish tank set up before you put any fish in it. This gives the tank time to settle and circulate.
2006-03-13 18:49:31 UTC
The first answer was good.

Also, after u buy the fish, let the bag u brought them home in float in the water for about 20 minutes before u release them into your tank. This is to prevent any rapid temperature change that can shock them and kill them. Tropical fish r sensitive to temperature change too fast. Be sure to get a thermometer to keep the water the right temp. Just look at the red mark on the thermometer and adjust in that range BEFORE u place the fish in the tank. (Don't forget to add some anti-chlorine chemical also. The brand "Start Right" is a good one.)
2006-03-13 18:27:16 UTC
Well depending on what kind of fishtank it is it will have different directions. So, read the directions.

If it is just a regular one with no filter, then put stones or pebbles that it probably came with if you got it at a pet store, and spread them around the bottom. Next fill it with water probably room temperature depending on the fish and carefully place your fish inside.

If it has a filter then there are specific directions that it should come with depending on where you bought it.

2006-03-13 18:31:58 UTC
Clean all of your gravel before you put it in the tank. I use a noodle strainer. Be sure to get all the loose dust off it before you place it in the tank. Add water to the tank. Buy a water conditioner at your nearest pert supply store. Put the right ammout of conditioner in it as it calls for per gallons. Let it sit for a day then add fish.
2006-03-13 18:21:09 UTC
First you have to fill it up with the proper amount of chemicals needed to get the chlorine out. I would leave mine sit with the water n chemicals in it for 24 hours with the heater on to get the right environment for the fish I were buying...make sure you put fish together that are compatible.
2016-11-12 03:12:58 UTC
the only reason human beings inform you to enable your tank settle is by technique of the fact they think of the tank will start to cycle in that ingredient, it won't. A tank can no longer cycle without ammonia, ammonia comes from fish. So your tank won't start to cycle until you have your fish in it, so depart it for roughly 2 days just to come again to suitable temperature, then purchase your fish and positioned them in. even although you will could desire to do frequesnt water variations in the initiating to maintain the cycle under administration. good success =]
2006-03-15 08:26:58 UTC
Petsmart has a page on their website on how to setup an aquarium. Go to their link then click on fish at the top . Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "care guides" -"go to fish" Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the care guide cater gory and select "Setting Up and Aquarium " and hit go next to it and it will take you to the page with instructions
2006-03-16 14:42:56 UTC
do you know anyone who has fish with a fishtank ask them cause peeps on here who know we only have soo many words to use so ask some one who knows (not 2 b rude)

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