Fish temperature when sick?
2008-01-06 03:02:51 UTC
Ok. After buying my guppies everything has gone wrong. My female guppy died, and after i fished her out her white patches had gone and she looked normal. Then I had a parasite in my tank which I got rid of and now my Male balloon white Molly i'm pretty sure has mouth fungus inside his mouth around the lips ( if you get me ).

I had already been treating my fish today because of my guppy. But really you'd think everything would start getting better after 3 fishes had died.

I'm darn sure my female Molly is pregnant, not sure about my female swordtail. The male swordtail is fine and also the male guppy.

So now i'm treating them, I can't remember what temp I had to turn it up to, to help the fungus go. I have it 30 degress, which is 86F is that where it should be? Or back to my original 28 degress c.

I don't have pH level kits because they're too expensive and yes i'm a beginner so I'm upset the fish keep dying.

Any other suggestions to keep my fish healthy. thanks.
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2008-01-06 03:17:55 UTC
You should only turn your heater up to around 82-83 degrees for a parasite outbreak, that's what most experts recommend. I keep my tropical community tank at 80 all the time and never had a ich problem or anything. also you should change half the water and replace it with water thats been treated with water conditioner. you said you couldn't afford the ph test kits... you do know you can buy the test strips for around $10? anyways without anymore information about your tank (size, filter, water change habits, medication, etc.) thats about all the advice i can give you

*** edit: heres a link on ebay for the test strips i use.

sorry its $15 after shipping =/

that medication is fine as long as you're following the directions. you should unplug your filter for 10-20 minutes after you dose the fish with that medication that way it doesnt get absorbed by the carbon. as long as you have a filter rated for your tank size, and youve treated your water with a conditioner, all you can really do is keep doing 25% water changes everyday and treating the fish. sorry without and ph, ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate readings its hard to help more.
2008-01-06 03:51:10 UTC
I found your problem I know that that small tank may seem ok but really it isn't from what I follow you need 5 gallon tank at minum 10 gallon is safer. That little tank would be good for a nursery tank to put the babies in once your fish has them till they get big enough to defend themselfs. Also if your females are both pregant they can stay in there for now but move them once there are babies. And, your other fish were probly sick when you got them.
Shaneequa Delaluqua
2008-01-06 03:24:19 UTC
ok ummmm chemicals are bad dont buy stuff to control diseases thats bad if it's an ich/ick problem keep it at that temperature 30 degrees and if you want add a bit of salt ick hate salt ick are little white beady things and yeah change the water and if you have air bubbles turn them off for a bit and make sure the filters sponge is clean


multicure seems to be good on the internet :P so thats a good thing :P but yeah add a little tiny bit of salt that might help and if you have high amount of algae in your tank buy algae eater fish / cleaner fish they can be tropical and not :P they aren't that expensive either
2008-01-07 00:15:00 UTC
your best answer to date on this seems to be Alan... I have not dealt with fish in many years... but want to ask/say something... you say you have a 2ft tank.... nothing about the gallon size? isn't that ten to twenty gallons?

I doubt there is anything wrong with the gallon size... more likely what the third answer says is they were already sick... in which case you should be right at that store demanding healthy specimens... and if you feel you can't be assertive enough? take one of those parents of yours along to back you up.... threaten to publisize the stores poor customer service ethics... and the fact that they sell contaminated specimens to minors... if you can't get heard because of age and lack of funds?? use it to your advantage!

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