Does anyone have interesting fish stories?
2006-02-26 19:11:53 UTC
For example, I woke up one morning to find that one of my fish was missing. Then I found its skeleton on the bottom and the other fish were nibbling at it! (maybe I hadn't been feeding them enough)

Also I have had a fish that pushed another out of the tank. (I saw it happen)
Two answers:
2006-02-27 10:54:27 UTC
lol its wierd i had a guppy with fin rot and it was on its side on the top of the tank, after this i cleaned out my tank and my guppy died . to my suprise when i put the water back in with my fish th it was a tiny minute little guppy about the size of a speck of dust so i caught it and put it in seperate breeding box ahd now it is helathier and bigger
2006-02-27 05:58:33 UTC
I went deep sea fishing years ago off of Alaska and I had a fish on. my ex husband wouldn't let me bring it in on my own. he said I wasn't big enough, even though I was doing fine with it. It was a shark and when it was on the boat and he was trying to retrieve the Lure & hook he got cut by the razor sharp teeth. served the dumb B*stard right. he had done that before and took all the credit for the catch. MORAL OF THE STORY .... IF A WOMAN LIKES TO FISH...... LET HER !

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