I have convicts(cichlids)who have had babies about 3 times but they always disappear.?
2006-01-01 18:02:51 UTC
I put my two mates in this small square breeding net ,kinda looks like a basket.Two ?s,Im not sure if the space is too small,& do i take the parrents out right after the eggs are laid,so they dont eat them,or do i let them stay in there for a couple of days?Ive tried looking on websites but i cant get a spacific enough answer.
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2006-01-01 18:12:16 UTC
I had that same problem. The mother will eat the babies for several reasons. Convicts are very territorial and need their space. If they are in a small tank they will continue to eat or attack other fish including their own young. The easiest approach is to mate them in a breeding tank which allows you to put a removable screen separator in the tank to separate the parents from the babies until the babies are large enough to fend for themselves. When the babies are larger and the screen is removed they don’t present as a new threat, to the parents, in a same size tank but rather familiar fish is a now larger tank.
2006-01-03 06:11:34 UTC

what must be happening is that the eggs are held in the mouth of the male or the female. When you disturb the tank, they get tense and swallow the eggs. Or what could be happening is that the eggs are infertile and the female recognises this and consumes the eggs.

I suggest you use a different female as convicts readily pair up. If the problem persists give me a call at Happy breeding!!!
2006-01-01 22:59:41 UTC
There are several things that need to be done when you have fry in your tank. First, you need to take out all other fish when you see that eggs are present. Also you need to change filtration systems. Some times the babies can get sucked up in the filters etc. Change to a sponge filter. These can be bought at your local pet store.. Good Luck
2006-01-01 18:06:45 UTC
They're being eaten. take out the parents or take out the babies - my mother, who has fish, has had to do this many times.
2006-01-01 22:56:26 UTC
the fish r probably eating them
2006-01-01 18:06:11 UTC
see this website for all the answers you need and more. Good luck!!

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