what should i do when i convert a salt water tank to a fresh water tank to assure the safty of the f/w fish?
2006-02-18 03:36:58 UTC
I"m getting a 70 gallon tanks that was used for salt and i'm buying new filters and rocks and stuff but do i need to clean the tank out a special way and waht should i do to help the fresh water fish flourish
Three answers:
▪Ψ~ RZ ~Ψ▪
2006-02-18 08:34:33 UTC
Well just like you said you getting lots of new things and if you clean everything you should be allright. You can also ask someone at the fish store, that wouldn't hurt.
2006-02-18 09:57:28 UTC
Rinse with water. Don't use any form of soaps, the soap leaves resedue that can kill the fish. Some people even use salt water to clean fresh-water tanks after purchase. You shouldn't have any problems.
2006-02-18 16:10:52 UTC
My only concern would be the sand/gravel you're currently using in your salt water tank. Sand and/or gravel that is suitable for a salt water tank will often make fresh water too hard and full of minerals. I'd go to the pet store and ask them to recomend sand/gravel suitable for fresh water tank. You should be fine otherwise.

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