Would like to build a model plastic pirate ship. I would like to use in my aqurium?
2006-02-09 14:31:46 UTC
I can purchase glue from a pet store that is non toxic. Is the plastic to make the ship toxic? And is there non toxic paint as well. I really don't want to spend 60.00 for a pirate ship that I can build myself
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2006-02-09 16:02:05 UTC
It's really hard to know if your plastic, paints and glue will be toxic to fish. When it says non-toxic on the bottle, it means non-toxic to humans. Maybe you shoulc consider some driftwood or rocks. I Had a friend once that had a very nice aquarium set up with rocks she found and cleaned (be sure and clean them.) Also, keep in mind glass is fine. You can find glass bowls and vases at craft stores for cheap. My betta loves the little glass bowl I put on it's side in his tank.
2006-02-10 04:00:01 UTC
Do not do it. It will be toxic. The plastic will leech chemicals. The glue is toxic and cannot be made safe. Any safe paint will wash away as it is water soluable. The pirate ship look is dated and not very good for aqauriums. Consider a more natural look. Use natural rocks and plants from a locale and tailor your tank as a biotope.

Build your model ship and keep it on your desk.
2006-02-10 00:04:18 UTC
In what concerns plastic, i have to tell you that all plastic no matter what type will release in the water some bad chemicals that are dangerous to the fish. However, if you put the plastic in a stream of runing water or a bucket (this way you'll need to change the water in the bucket several times a day) for about 1-2 weeks, most of the chemicals will fade away.

But think about it when you start decorating your tank. The most important thing is to make your fish feel as close as posible to their natural habitat. That includes natural plants, natural coloured gravel or rocks (NOT THE BLUE OR ORANGE CRAP I SEE IN PETSORES THAT IS BEING SOLD AS GRAVEL), and you will never find in nature a small plastic pirate ship on the bottom. Anyway this is my opinion and you shouldn't be influenced by it. The tank is yours and you set it as you like it.

If you want some decoration, you can put some large black granite stones (you can find them on the train track). They look great underwater.
2006-02-09 22:48:59 UTC
There is not really any paint that you can easily buy/not be cost prohibitve to buy.

I'm not sure about the plastic that is out there but I'm sure you can find aquarium safe plastic, the question is it still safe after you carve into it?

Your best bet would to be to check out online-discount aquarium stores..

Or even better...drift away from the fake stuff and consider some natural drift wood?

I will list one of the cheapest places around for aquarium decorations
2006-02-10 08:35:46 UTC
dont use super glue
2006-02-10 00:34:31 UTC

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